[OpenBIOS] [PATCH 1/1] [FCODE-utils] Allow overriding more Makefile vars

Peter Lemenkov lemenkov at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 11:04:34 CET 2016

Hello All!

2016-01-18 7:50 GMT+01:00 Segher Boessenkool <segher at kernel.crashing.org>:

> It probably works fine.  "?=" can be problematic with e.g. recursive
> makefiles, but you don't have those here.

Also it's already used within the Makefiles to override C-compiler, so
my patch won't change the current situation.

> But why do you need it?  Why doesn't e.g.
>         make DESTDIR=/opt/bla
> work for you as-is?  Or do you need those vars to be passed in via the
> environment?

Unfortunately this DESTDIR trick won't work. Explicitly stated
variables from the Makefile itself have preference over the
environment variables unless they stated with "?=". At least this is
how GNU make works.

With best regards, Peter Lemenkov.

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