[OpenBIOS] [Report] Mac OS X Developer Preview

BALATON Zoltan balaton at eik.bme.hu
Thu Aug 4 23:22:25 CEST 2016

On Thu, 4 Aug 2016, Mark Cave-Ayland wrote:
> This corresponds to this code in QEMU's hw/ide/macio.c:
>    if (s->lba == -1) {
>        /* Non-block ATAPI transfer - just copy to RAM */
>        s->io_buffer_size = MIN(s->io_buffer_size, io->len);
>        dma_memory_write(&address_space_memory, io->addr, s->io_buffer,
>                         s->io_buffer_size);
>        ide_atapi_cmd_ok(s);
>        m->dma_active = false;
>        goto done;
>    }
> Here the QEMU block code should have already placed the generated TOC
> into s->io_buffer and DMA the first 14 bytes into RAM but for some
> reason that's not happening so the code is looping looking for a
> signature that isn't present.
> Zoltan: this is very similar to the related issue you had with your
> MorphOS tests which this code should have resolved, unless I managed to
> get something wrong in my last rewrite of the macio code?

The above code did fix this in MorphOS back then but I haven't tried it 
recently (no time for it now). But I'd assume other OS-es would also be 
affected if it broke. Maybe to cross check you could also try OS X DP with 
a version before your last rewrite.


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