[OpenBIOS] CUDA has problems with Mac OS 10.4

Programmingkid programmingkidx at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 16:15:10 CET 2015

I built Cormac O'Brien's QEMU repo for Mac OS 9 and tried to boot my Mac OS 10.4 boot cd. Mac OS 10.4's kernel panics because of a CUDA problem. I did use the mac99 target. Here is the error message: 


This is the command I used: ./ppc-softmmu/qemu-system-ppc -boot d -cdrom ~/tiger.iso  -prom-env boot-args=-v -usb -M mac99

I think there is still something wrong with CUDA. But we might not have to "fix" it. When we use the mac99 target, the PowerMac3,1 Macintosh system is what we are trying to emulate. My sources indicate that the PowerMac3,1 doesn't have a CUDA chip. This chip is used for ADB communications. Using it only on the BeigeG3 target makes sense. 

My sources for the PowerMac3,1 system is this link: http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/powermac_g4/specs/powermac_g4_350_agp.html

and this device tree:

PowerMac G4 device tree

ff839ab8: /cpus
ff839ce8:   /PowerPC,G4 at 0
ff83a060:     /l2-cache
ff83ab58: /chosen
ff83ace8: /memory at 0
ff83af00: /openprom
ff83b008:   /client-services
ff83c1a8: /rom at ff800000
ff83c330:   /boot-rom at fff00000
ff83c4a8:   /macos
ff83c528: /options
ff83c5a8: /aliases
ff83cec8: /packages
ff83cf30:   /deblocker
ff83d798:   /disk-label
ff83e198:   /obp-tftp
ff8439f0:   /mac-parts
ff844850:   /mac-files
ff847540:   /hfs-plus-files
ff84c1c8:   /fat-files
ff84def8:   /iso-9660-files
ff84eb00:   /bootinfo-loader
ff8507a0:   /xcoff-loader
ff8511b8:   /pe-loader
ff851b90:   /elf-loader
ff8531c0:   /usb-hid-class
ff8554d8:   /usb-ms-class
ff8576a8:   /sbp2-disk
ff858ac0:   /ata-disk
ff859cd8:   /atapi-disk
ff85b348:   /bootpath-search
ff861b68:   /terminal-emulator
ff861c00: /psuedo-hid
ff861c88:   /keyboard
ff862308:   /mouse
ff862820: /multiboot
ff86e7f0: /diagnostics
ff86e858: /tools-node
ff8704b8: /rtas
ff8706b8: /nvram at fff04000
ff871180: /uni-n at f8000000
ff8713c8:   /i2c at f8001000
ff871b10:     /cereal
ff8721c0: /pci at f0000000
ff898cd0:   /uni-north-agp at b
ff898f40:   /ATY,Rage128Ps at 10
ff873268: /pci at f2000000
ff8742d8:   /pci-bridge at d
ff876368:     /mac-io at 7
ff8773a0:       /interrupt-controller at 40000
ff877548:       /gpio at 50
ff877630:         /extint-gpio1
ff8777c8:         /programmer-switch
ff877900:       /escc-legacy at 12000
ff877af8:         /ch-a at 12004
ff877c78:         /ch-b at 12000
ff877df8:       /escc at 13000
ff878000:         /ch-a at 13020
ff8789a8:         /ch-b at 13000
ff8792c0:       /davbus at 14000
ff879540:         /sound
ff879c40:       /timer at 15000
ff879da8:       /via-pmu at 16000
ff87ccf0:         /rtc
ff87d3e0:         /power-mgt
ff8bf378:           /usb-power-mgt
ff87d648:       /i2c at 18000
ff87ded8:         /cereal
ff87e5a0:       /ata-4 at 1f000
ff880318:         /disk
ff8809e8:       /ata-3 at 20000
ff882760:         /disk
ff882da8:       /ata-3 at 21000
ff884b20:         /disk
ff8864c8:     /ethernet at 4
ff888690:     /usb at 8
ff88dd50:     /usb at 9
ff8be3f0:       /hub at 1
ff8be580:         /keyboard at 1
ff893410:     /firewire at a
ff8752e8: /pci at f4000000
ff8bb128:   /ethernet at f

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