[OpenBIOS] [PATCH 00/16] Switch to standards-compliant Forth console from C console

Mark Cave-Ayland mark.cave-ayland at ilande.co.uk
Mon Mar 11 21:24:35 CET 2013

On 10/03/13 19:31, Blue Swirl wrote:

>> Based on a quick Debian 3.1 CDROM boot test, it looks like scrolling
>> and clear screen does not work at all. Text is also offset by one line
>> down and one column right.

Okay - is this on SPARC? I have a feeling the offset by one is simply 
because apparently the OF line# and column# variables are zero based 
while the ANSI terminal position is one based.

> NetBSD 4.0 also suffers from lack of scrolling and clear screen, but
> characters are positioned correctly.

SPARC again? If so, can you point me towards the ISO and I'll try it here?

> On the positive side, reverse text now works and I guess the screen
> flashes show BEL handling.




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