[OpenBIOS] Macintosh device tree

Andreas Färber afaerber at suse.de
Sat Feb 16 00:50:47 CET 2013

Am 05.02.2013 05:19, schrieb Programmingkid:
> On second thought you and others can still help. The device tree to the 450 MHz blue and white Power Mac G3 would help. 
> To print out the device tree you will need these items: The blue and white G3, another computer with an ethernet port, and a ethernet crossover cable. 
> You might be able to substitute the crossover cable with a regular ethernet patch cable if you use another more recent Mac like a MacPro or MacBook Pro. 
> The other computer can be a Mac or PC. 
> First connect the cable into each computer's ethernet port. 
> Start up the blue and white G3 while holding down the command-option-o-f keys. This will bring up Open Firmware. Type in this command to start a telnet server: 
> “ enet:telnet,” io

My PowerMac G3 blue&white 300 MHz has no /packages/telnet node, so
unfortunately that doesn't work.

I'd have to burn a Linux CD and try tar'ing /proc/device-tree or so.


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