[OpenBIOS] Macintosh device tree

Amadeusz Sławiński amade at asmblr.net
Mon Feb 4 01:17:48 CET 2013

On Mon, Feb 04, 2013 at 12:24:26AM +0100, Andreas Färber wrote:
> Am 02.02.2013 22:27, schrieb Programmingkid:
> > I am investigating the device tree of the mac99 model. It looks like it is wrong. The part that I am concerned with is the via-cuda node. Both my iMac and iBook don't even have a via-cuda. They both have a via-pmu at 16000 node. I'm hoping someone has an original blue and white PowerMac G3. I would like the full device tree printout from it. The question I am trying to answer is does any newworld Mac have a via-cuda? If they don't, we know that it should be changed to a via-pmu at 16000 node.
> I have one around, and it has a via-cuda at 16000 node. There's a
> power-mgt at 0 node at the same level (under mac-io at 5) but no pmu node.

With regards to mac99 target I would rather be concerned with lack of /uni-n, as
darwin seems to check for this (it panics when checking machine type)

In function Core99PE::start it does a lot of stuff on this device, while
power management is just few lines:

This machine for example has it:


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