[OpenBIOS] Device tree from G3 iBook

Programmingkid programmingkidx at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 19:39:31 CET 2013

I thought this device tree will help any one who might want to work on the Mac99 target. It is the device tree from a G3 iBook. 

0 > dev /  ok
0 > ls 
ff83d628: /cpus
ff83d8d8:   /PowerPC,750 at 0
ff83dcb8:     /l2-cache
ff83e938: /chosen
ff83eb50: /memory at 0
ff83edf0: /openprom
ff83ef98:   /client-services
ff840288: /rom at ff800000
ff840488:   /boot-rom at fff00000
ff8406c0:   /macos
ff8407c8: /options
ff8408d0: /aliases
ff8413b8: /packages
ff841498:   /deblocker
ff841e30:   /disk-label
ff8428f8:   /obp-tftp
ff84c1d8:   /telnet
ff84cad8:   /mac-parts
ff84e280:   /mac-files
ff851138:   /hfs-plus-files
ff855f58:   /fat-files
ff857d50:   /iso-9660-files
ff858bb0:   /bootinfo-loader
ff85a888:   /xcoff-loader
ff85b320:   /pe-loader
ff85bd70:   /elf-loader
ff85d418:   /usb-hid-class
ff85ff58:   /usb-ms-class
ff862ba8:   /usb-audio-class
ff8d0720:   /sbp2-disk
ff8d30c0:   /ata-disk
ff8d4e28:   /atapi-disk
ff8d6d70:   /bootpath-search
ff8dd700:   /terminal-emulator
ff8dd810: /firewire-disk-mode
ff8f20c8: /pseudo-hid
ff8f21c8:   /keyboard
ff8f28c0:   /mouse
ff8f2e58:   /eject-key
ff8f3328: /pseudo-sound
ff8f3658: /multiboot
ff906648: /diagnostics
ff906728: /nvram at fff04000
ff907328: /uni-n at f8000000
ff9075f0:   /i2c at f8001000
ff907eb8:     /cereal
ff9085e8: /pci at f0000000
ff93b1f0:   /uni-north-agp at b
ff93b4d8:   /ATY,RageM_Lp at 10
ff909758: /pci at f2000000
ff90ba40:   /mac-io at 17
ff90f9f8:     /interrupt-controller at 40000
ff90fc48:     /gpio at 50
ff90fdb0:       /extint-gpio1
ff90ffd0:       /programmer-switch
ff910188:       /extint-gpio12
ff910360:     /i2s at 10000
ff910590:       /i2s-a at 10000
ff9108c0:         /sound
ff910f70:       /i2s-b at 11000
ff911148:     /escc-legacy at 12000
ff9113b8:       /ch-a at 12004
ff9115b8:       /ch-b at 12000
ff9117b8:     /escc at 13000
ff911a40:       /ch-a at 13020
ff912468:       /ch-b at 13000
ff912de8:     /timer at 15000
ff912ff8:     /via-pmu at 16000
ff9165d0:       /rtc
ff916d20:       /adb
ff916ed8:         /keyboard at 2
ff917c80:         /mouse at 3
ff918068:       /power-mgt
ff953fb8:         /usb-power-mgt
ff918380:     /battery at 0
ff9184a8:     /backlight at f300
ff918648:     /i2c at 18000
ff918f50:       /cereal
ff953c68:       /i2c-modem
ff919698:     /ata-4 at 1f000
ff91bd88:       /disk
ff91c4e8:     /ata-3 at 20000
ff91ebd8:       /disk
ff91f338:     /ata-3 at 21000
ff921a28:       /disk
ff928400:   /usb at 18
ff90a8c8: /pci at f4000000
ff936828:   /ethernet at f
ff954178:     /ethernet-phy

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