[OpenBIOS] Booting SunOS from OpenBIOS

Tarl Neustaedter tarl-b2 at tarl.net
Thu Apr 4 21:46:03 CEST 2013

On 2013-Apr-4 15:35 , Artyom Tarasenko wrote:
> OFMEM: ofmem_map_page_range ffc66000 -> 006f7a000 00001000 mode 000000bc
> ...
> OFMEM: ofmem_claim phys=ffffffffffffffff size=00002000 align=00002000
> OFMEM: ofmem_claim_virt virt=ffc65000 size=00002000 align=00000000
> OFMEM: Non-free virtual memory claimed!

That's interesting. You're asking for a page size (0x2000) on a non-page 
boundary (0xffc6.5000). The complaint is because it extends far enough 
to overlap with what the map_page_range above (0xffc6.6000).

The question is where those two addresses are coming from? 0xffc6.6000 
and 0xffc6.5000 are in the range Solaris would expect for Openboot - 
whoever came up with 0xffc6.5000 got it wrong, if he needs 0x2000 bytes, 
he needed to ask for 0xffc6.4000.

> Does IEEE-1275 say something about this case?

This is simply a matter of overlapping address ranges. Somewhere an 
allocator is getting the wrong result.

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