[OpenBIOS] [PATCH] Adds the get-key-map word to the keyboard node.

Programmingkid programmingkidx at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 19:13:20 CET 2012

On Nov 6, 2012, at 12:54 PM, Segher Boessenkool wrote:

>>>> I haven't contacted the QEMU mailing list. The get-key-map word appears to be an Apple added word, so other OS's will not use it. You don't like the fact the Control key is mapped as the Command key. QEMU currently does not send the Command key to the emulated system.
>>> I suspect you're just not asking it properly.
>> Asking? Asking what?
> You should ask for the raw key events, not the cooked ASCII stuff.
>> What is so bad about using the Control key in place of the Command key?
> What is so bad about using a shoe instead of a hammer to drive in a nail?
> It might work for you, but you are asking everyone to use their shoe as
> a hammer.
> Besides, you are not solving the problem at all.

What you want is unrealistic, and no body is going to do what you want. Not even you.

The get-key-map word is required to boot Mac OS X. It sounds like to me you would rather have nothing rather than something to build on. Not using this patch is like choosing to starve to death rather than accept a handout. 

If someone does make a change to QEMU, an updated patch can always be made. 

>>>> Another issue is what word would we use to detect the Command key? The "key" word is what I use to detect the pushed key on the keyboard. Would this word be able to detect the Command key?
>>> KEY will not do anything for the control key, either.  You want EKEY
>>> (or some custom word, of course).
>> So now all we need is the EKEY word. You care to implement it?
> No.  You want the change, you do the work.

It was you who wanted the change. Not me. Your suggestion to change QEMU is not going to happen. 

> And (as I hinted) you probably do not want EKEY but some custom stuff --
> like, something very similar to the Apple OF key-map thing.

KEY will do for now. 

> If you want to only use ASCII input devices, and emulate what Apple OF
> does, you should emulate what Apple OF does with ASCII input devices
> (like serial ports, or telnet).  You can set OSX verbose boot with
> that as well.  

This would not be a good idea. 

> Adding a terribly hacky non-compatible way to be
> "compatible" is not going to fly, esp. not because you make it clear
> that you only want to do it this way because you cannot be bothered
> to do the work needed to do it properly.

Since it was your suggestion to change QEMU, it would be you who can't be bothered to do the required work. Blaming me won't fix the problem. 

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