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mustapha adib adib.mustapha at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 20:23:00 CEST 2012

Subject : Looking for working package: computer (exact reference) +
Firmware (BIOS or/and MBR with exact version)

Hello every body,

Please excuse first my english,

I can not understand why we can't found on Openbios site an example of easy
working configuration for demonstration for example!
It would be very gentle if some one tell us witch IBM Leneevo (but exact
reference, not just X60) and witch OpenBios or Openboot will much with.

For example, I have to have a PC (laptop or desktop) witch has a fully
reprogrammable BIOS. This BIOS must, after minimal POST, copy every time it
starts the content of the inserted CD into C drive, and then boot from C,
and give hand to an application just installed on C. May be it seems easy
for many of you guys, so if some one has time to help me I'm thanking him
in advance.

Best regard
Mustapha who will spend this summer on this tasks :(

2012/7/5 Tarl Neustaedter <tarl-b2 at tarl.net>

> On 2012-Jul-4 19:25 , Programmingkid wrote:
>> What is the word used to search for a string inside another string? I
>> tried using 'Search', but that isn't included with openbios.
> There is "left-parse-string", which is used to split strings on specific
> character boundaries, but not much more in general string manipulation
> routines.
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