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>> Hi,
>> I have a cross-compiler chain on 32-bit Windows XP using Cygwin that I
>> use to build OpenBIOS.
>> Attached are my scripts for ppc64/ppc, sparc64/sparc, s390x/s390,
>> x86_64/x86.
>> Also attached are two patches for OpenBIOS to build correctly with
>> this Cygwin environment (one is just to set options and point to my
>> cross-compilers but the other more importantly fixes some ldscripts so
>> I can use my 64-bit/32-bit cross-compilers correctly to build the
>> 32-bit OpenBIOS roms instead of linking to the default 64-bit C run-time).
>> Ken
> Thanks for the reply. I'm glad to see other OS's can build OpenBIOS. I
> just hope Mac OS X will be one of them some day. My knowledge of how
> OpenBIOS is built is limited, so trying to fix the problem myself would
> be next to impossible.
I build OpenBIOS on OpenIndiana x86 (Solaris) for the Intel and SPARC 


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