[OpenBIOS] Solaris anyone? Solaris 9 04/04

Nathan Kunkee nkunkee42 at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 11 00:23:20 CEST 2011

  On 09/10/11 01:45 AM, Blue Swirl wrote:
>> I don't know enough about SPARC32 architecture to know if that gives more
>> useful information... I don't see the 0x4c value in my log file. I tried
>> turning on DEBUG_MMU, but stopped when my log file hit 4GB and I hadn't hit
>> the stopping point yet.
>> Any ideas for other things to try or set for more debugging?
> Since this is repeatable, you could try something like this (untested):
> diff --git a/target-sparc/op_helper.c b/target-sparc/op_helper.c
> index d1a8dd9..2594bbd 100644
> --- a/target-sparc/op_helper.c
> +++ b/target-sparc/op_helper.c
> @@ -1836,6 +1836,11 @@ uint64_t helper_ld_asi(target_ulong addr, int
> asi, int size, int sign)
>                   ret = mmu_probe(env, addr, mmulev);
>               DPRINTF_MMU("mmu_probe: 0x%08x (lev %d) ->  0x%08" PRIx64 "\n",
>                           addr, mmulev, ret);
> +            if (addr == 0xf5901400) {
> +                printf("mmu_probe: 0x%08x (lev %d) ->  0x%08" PRIx64 "\n",
> +                        addr, mmulev, ret);
> +                dump_mmu(stdout, fprintf, env);
> +            }
>           }
>           break;
>       case 4: /* read MMU regs */
Tweaking that a little, I now find myself at pc=0xf01850c8, because that 
is the current instruction when the page tables write out.

(qemu) info cpus
* CPU #0: pc=0xf01850c8 npc=0xf01850cc thread_id=3483
(qemu) info registers
pc: f01850c8  npc: f01850cc
General Registers:
%g0-7: 00000000 f024dc00 00000003 f5a6b104 00000004 fbf45b80 f0041000 

Current Register Window:
%o0-7: 00000000 f026a2d8 f5901000 f5901200 f026a2dc f018505c f026a270 
%l0-7: 04001fc5 f00436ac 000003a6 00000020 00000000 00000009 00000000 
%i0-7: f026a6c0 f026a40c f5901000 000003a6 00000002 f026a384 f026a2e8 

Floating Point Registers:
%f00: 000000000.000000 000000000.000000             -NaN             -NaN
%f04:             -NaN             -NaN             -NaN             -NaN
%f28:             -NaN             -NaN             -NaN             -NaN
psr: 04401fe5 (icc: -Z-- SPE: SPE) wim: 00000002
fsr: 00080000 y: 00000000
(qemu) x /30i 0xf01850a0
0xf01850a0:  and  %o0, 3, %o3
0xf01850a4:  cmp  %o3, 2
0xf01850a8:  bne  0xf01850c0
0xf01850ac:  srl  %o2, 0xc, %o3
0xf01850b0:  and  %o3, 0x3f, %o3
0xf01850b4:  sll  %o3, 8, %o3
0xf01850b8:  b  0xf01850c8
0xf01850bc:  add  %o0, %o3, %o0
0xf01850c0:  mov  %o2, %o3
0xf01850c4:  lda  [ %o3 ] #ASI_M_FLUSH_PROBE, %o0
0xf01850c8:  srl  %o0, 0x18, %o3
0xf01850cc:  andcc  %o3, 7, %o3
0xf01850d0:  be  0xf01850dc
0xf01850d4:  nop
0xf01850d8:  sta  %g0, [ %o2 ] #ASI_M_FLUSH_PROBE
0xf01850dc:  mov  0x300, %o2
0xf01850e0:  cmp  %o1, 0
0xf01850e4:  be  0xf01850f0
0xf01850e8:  lda  [ %o2 ] #ASI_M_MMUREGS, %o2
0xf01850ec:  st  %o2, [ %o1 ]
0xf01850f0:  retl
0xf01850f4:  nop
0xf01850f8:  sethi  %hi(0x10003000), %o2
0xf01850fc:  or  %o2, 0x18, %o2 ! 0x10003018
0xf0185100:  retl
0xf0185104:  lda  [ %o2 ] #ASI_M_BYPASS, %o0
0xf0185108:  unimp  0
0xf018510c:  unimp  0
0xf0185110:  unimp  0
0xf0185114:  unimp  0

Now I know reading fragments of assembly are lots of fun, so I've 
attached the dump_mmu results, which will hopefully also be useful.

Does that help point to a next step?

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