[OpenBIOS] Openbios rely on other lower-level firmware

Mark Cave-Ayland mark.cave-ayland at siriusit.co.uk
Fri Sep 9 10:49:58 CEST 2011

On 09/09/11 02:51, Jianmin Pan wrote:

> I want to study the openbios project, while there is a question, I read
> that, open bios rely on other firmware, such as coreboot, in my
> knowledge, coreboot is a bios system itself, isn't there a conflict?

Welcome to the OpenBIOS project :)  Probably the best way to think about 
it is that coreboot performs the low level hardware initialisation for 
various chipsets and then executes a (generally ELF) payload in order to 
handle the boot process.

In the past I've managed to successfully build CoreBoot with an OpenBIOS 
payload for testing under x86 on QEMU which I think is a good way to 
help get yourself familiar with the process. BTW as a matter of 
interest, do you have any interesting projects in mind for OpenBIOS?



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