[OpenBIOS] OpenBOOT builds?

Tarl Neustaedter tarl-b2 at tarl.net
Mon Oct 24 00:44:54 CEST 2011

On 2011-Oct-23 18:12 , Nathan Kunkee wrote:
> I've checked out the Sun OpenBOOT code they provided, and gotten a 
> little lost. I was curious if anyone else has reviewed or built the 
> firmware?

Well, I have. I was part of the team that reviewed and exported that 
code for open source. Although the motivation was more a matter of 
making the source readable than buildable. That was back when we were 
Sun, Oracle doesn't do this kind of thing.

> I've found the two key Makefiles:
> ./obp/arch/sun4v/ontario/release/Makefile
> ./tools/Makefile

Yup. Generally, you run the tools/Makefile first, which builds pieces 
the individual platform builds will need. That's now an automatic part 
of ordinary builds, although I don't think it was back then. Once you 
have tools built, you go into arch/sun4v/ontario/release/ and make 
there. That should produce an openboot.bin.

> I figured out that a 'make' from the latter works on building the 
> tools for constructing the firmware, while the former uses them to 
> build a firmware image. I've gotten stuck trying to build this since 
> it causes a SIGSEGV in libc on my Ultra60. Would anyone else be 
> interested if I start trying to patch it to have debug symbols and use 
> gcc as well as Oracle Solaris Studio (SUNWpro)?

Are you running Solaris 10 or later? You might try under Solaris 9 (the 
release that was current at the time we shipped it), there was a 
disagreement between Solaris and Openboot's assembler code on use of a 
couple of the %g registers. This caused openboot builds to break in 
Solaris 10. I believe this build was snapshotted before we fixed that.

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