[OpenBIOS] Solaris anyone?

Brian Vandenberg phantall at gmail.com
Fri May 13 20:56:44 CEST 2011

(sorry for the duplicate mark)

> Excellent :)  In fact, latest OpenBIOS SVN has a fix for the scsi-options
> part (it adds an extra property which gets picked up by the Solaris ESP
> driver) and so you shouldn't have to do this any more. Any testing
> gratefully received though!

Yes - there is currently an issue with the Sun shell which causes OpenBIOS
to select the wrong build settings. See Nathan's second thread here:
If you could test the fix suggested at the end of the thread and report back
to the mailing list, that would be greatly appreciated :)

As soon as I can test this I'll report back.  Unfortunately, I won't be able
to copy logs & the like as it's on an air-gapped network, but I'll do what I
can to give pertinent details.

That's interesting, since the guest should have no knowledge of the
>> underlying storage mechanism being using in the host. Can you point to any
>> more specific error messages (again, back on the list) to help people work
>> out what is happening?
Not a problem.

In return, thank you for testing. It really is exciting to be close to the
> point where QEMU can run SPARC Solaris out of the box - I have already used
> it to great effect here and I know other people are excited to be able to
> move applications of legacy hardware onto something a lot more modern.

Out of curiosity, how likely is it that qemu-sparc32 could be used to run a
solaris-based statically-linked user-mode application?

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