[OpenBIOS] [PATCH] More complete PowerPC OpenFirmware emulation -- adding bus-frequency

Alexander von Gluck kallisti5 at unixzen.com
Tue Aug 9 15:21:44 CEST 2011

On Tue, 09 Aug 2011 10:12:20 +0100, Mark Cave-Ayland wrote:
> On 08/08/11 16:07, Alexander von Gluck wrote:
>> Below is a quick patch to introduce the bus-frequency field for each 
>> CPU.
>> This exists on every Apple OpenFirmware i've seen and is expected on
>> Haiku OS.
>> The change to config/scripts/switch-arch isn't required but lets
>> you compile openbios using Haiku's PowerPC cross-compiler.
>> Also included is a extra tracing line for troubleshooting MMU 
>> issues.
> This all looks sensible to me, however I'd like to leave this to
> either Alex or Andreas to do the final commit as they the current PPC
> maintainers.
> BTW as a matter of interest, with this patch does Haiku now boot
> under QEMU or do you need additional patches for QEMU?

Nah, Haiku still gets stuck setting up the mmu under qemu (thus that
extra trace I added in around OpenBIOS's mmu setup.)

I'll continue to poke at it, but i'm not expecting any huge 
anytime soon.

   -- Alex

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