[OpenBIOS] [HaikuPorts-devs] [PATCH] fcode-utils: Add type support for Haiku

Andreas Färber andreas.faerber at web.de
Sun Sep 19 22:47:44 CEST 2010

Am 19.09.2010 um 21:49 schrieb François Revol:

> Le 19 sept. 2010 à 19:11, Andreas Färber a écrit :
>> Haiku does not have asm/types.h. It does have [u]int*_t but not
>> in sys/types.h. Use stdint.h instead, that works for both Haiku and
>> OpenSolaris and avoids more code duplication in shared/types.h.
> We can probably add sys/types.h as it seems to be standardized:
> http://www.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/009695399/basedefs/sys/ 
> types.h.html

Sorry, I wasn't clear: We do have sys/types.h, it just doesn't define  
those types.


> Though it's not the header that should define *int*_t anyway:
> http://www.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/000095399/basedefs/stdint.h.html
> So it should be included by default instead.
> François.
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