[OpenBIOS] PReP PowerPC "emulation"

Paul Brook paul at codesourcery.com
Fri Sep 17 23:57:33 CEST 2010

> Would anyone be interested in having OHW archived on repo.or.cz, as
> done for kqemu? I personally only have a v0.4.1 around though, like
> the above.

While archiving the source may be interesting for historical research,
I strongly discourage anyone from doing development on OHW.
Instead you should make the effort to get OpenBIOS working. While this is a 
bit more work up-front to get a basic functionality, it'll pay you back many 
times over later on.  IMO OHW is a dead-end that's just going to cause you 
untold amounts of pain going forward.

Of course cribbing off OHW to get the first incarnation of the OpenBIOS PReP 
code is probably acceptable :-)


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