[OpenBIOS] PReP PowerPC "emulation"

Laurent Vivier Laurent at vivier.eu
Thu Sep 16 00:07:47 CEST 2010

Le mercredi 15 septembre 2010 à 20:06 +0200, Massimo Montecchi a écrit :
> Mark, can you suggest me where to find the code for "PReP"?
> AIX needs PReP emulation to works!!!!!

I think it's a mistake. PReP was the reference platform before CHRP.
PReP was a PC clone with PowerPC inside. There are PReP based sytems
running AIX, and recent AIX system (RS/6000) are CHRP. CHRP is the real
reference platform for PowerPC based system now. I think we should
improve CHRP emulation in Qemu and its support in OpenBIOS, not PReP
(except if you have time to waste).


1- System platform check. 

Only CHRP systems are supported in AIX 5.2 and above. Run the following
command on lower level systems to check the platform type.

# lscfg | grep Architecture
Required hardware if migrating to AIX 6.1 

2- Only 64-bit Common Hardware Reference Platform (CHRP) machines
running selected PowerPC 970, POWER4, POWER5, and POWER6 processors that
implement the POWER architecture Platform Requirements (PAPR) are


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