[OpenBIOS] powerpc64

Mark Cave-Ayland mark.cave-ayland at siriusit.co.uk
Mon Oct 18 21:48:10 CEST 2010

Andreas Färber wrote:

> Thanks for the explanation.
>> Note there is a less sneaky version of this in the code already - see 
>> init_trampoline() in bootstrap.c.
> Yeah, that code looks better; it's being called from main(). From where 
> could I call such initialization code for t in internal.c? I checked 
> every damn occurrence of "t", it's not used elsewhere. Only 
> trampoline[1] seems getting assigned in a few places. An initializer 
> function using GCC attribute magic maybe?

Yuck. Maybe load_dictionary() but that's a bit of a stretch? Is this 
actually legal C, and in fact what you are hitting is a compiler bug?



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