[OpenBIOS] OpenBIOS and ppc64?

Andreas Färber andreas.faerber at web.de
Fri Oct 1 00:37:20 CEST 2010

Am 01.10.2010 um 00:03 schrieb Alexander Graf:

> On 30.09.2010, at 19:02, Andreas Färber wrote:
>> What's the plan for fixing this? Will we need an openbios-ppc64  
>> after all, or is there a way to fix these issues in openbios-ppc  
>> using uint64_t and some assembler magic? The 970 init (arch/ppc/ 
>> qemu/init.c:ppc64_patch_handlers) apparently does something clever  
>> for the interrupt handlers and seems able to use 64-bit ld/std  
>> instructions in start.S. That still wouldn't help with ucell based  
>> structs and C functions of course...
> Those are pure fixups to get back to 32 bit mode from the interrupt  
> handlers, as they go into 64 bit mode by default.

I'd really hate to see code duplication between an arch/ppc and arch/ 
ppc64, since we'll want ppc and ppc64 versions of New World Macs and  
CHRP systems.

The easiest would be if I would find out how to configure a multi-lib  
ppc/ppc64 gcc-4.4.x, so that we can compile a ppc64 version using  
`make EXTRACFLAGS=-m64`.
Otherwise we'd need to provide a separate cross-ppc64 config file and  
hack switch-arch to drop the "64" at some point so that it builds in  
obj-ppc64 but uses code from ppc...


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