[OpenBIOS] Documentation problem in primitives.c

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Sat Feb 27 12:33:15 CET 2010

Am 25.02.2010 um 19:46 schrieb Programmingkid:

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>> Am 24.02.2010 um 11:15 schrieb Mark Cave-Ayland:
>>> Programmingkid wrote:
>>>> /* words[] is a function array of all native code functions in used
>>>> by
>>>> * the dictionary, i.e. CFAs and primitives.
>> While you're at it, s/in used by/used by/ (or s/in used by/in use  
>> by/)
> I'm sorry, I 'm not sure what you wrote means. What does it mean?

It's supposed to be a regular expression. It means the English grammar  
in the comment is wrong, too, and could/should be fixed while we're  
fixing the file name there. If you want to fix it yourself, look at  
"in used by" and decide which fix is semantically correct there -  
either the "in" is wrong or the "d".

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