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Thank you very much for all your help. I only wish there was documentation available on how to add words. Maybe I should make a tutorial and send it to the person in charge of the OpenBIOS website.

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>> Hi, I am working on implementing local variable support in OpenBIOS. I 
>> have done a lot of research on the issue, but there are a few issues I 
>> still need help resolving. 
>> -Does Openbios context switch when a word is called? This is when all 
>> the registers are saved into a stack frame, so the currently executing 
>> word can use them.
> I think you are looking too low a level here - all of this is handled 
> automatically by the Forth engine.
>> -Could someone give me a tutorial on how to add c functions to forth and 
>> make them accessible to the interpreter. I want to be able to add words 
>> to the dictionary and be able to use them from the command line.
> The easiest way to look at this is to look at one of the existing 
> primitive words such as DOCOL. But in short:
> - Add the new word to the end of the wordnames array in kernel/bootstrap.c
> - Add the C function name to the end of the words array in 
> kernel/primitives.c
> - Add the C function to kernel/internal.c
>> - Would anyone know which register on the PowerPC would be good for 
>> using as a stack pointer for a new local variable stack? I think r13 is 
>> free and a possible candidate. 
> Again, you're looking at too low a level here. What I believe you need 
> to do is create a word that adds a new dictionary to the search list at 
> the start of the function, much in the same way that a package instance 
> does.
> HTH,
> Mark.
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