[OpenBIOS] PATCH v2: Rework CIF interface to handle parameters in reverse order

Nick Couchman Nick.Couchman at seakr.com
Mon Nov 30 16:50:18 CET 2009

>>> On 2009/11/29 at 06:30, Mark Cave-Ayland <mark.cave-ayland at siriusit.co.uk>
> Hi everyone,
> Here is a second version of the patch which attempts to reverse the 
> argument order of the CIF Forth words so that they can be called 
> correctly from both Forth and C.
> The patch is fairly straightforward; probably the only unexpected part 
> is the need to rename the existing /openprom/client-services "claim" and 
> "release" words to "cif-claim" and "cif-release" respectively. This is 
> because we need to use the "claim" and "release" words in 
> forth/system/ciface.fs to reverse the argument order before calling the 
> real underlying words.
> I've tested this on a FC12 PPC CD as well as my SPARC64 Milax CD and 
> with this version of the patch, the CIF words are called correctly in 
> both cases. I'd like to apply this reasonably soon, so please can people 
> test on their setups to make sure it doesn't break anything?
> Signed-off-by: Mark Cave-Ayland <mark.cave-ayland at siriusit.co.uk>

(Sorry if the patch wasn't supposed to fix this...)

After applying this patch still getting:

OpenBIOS for Sparc64
Configuration device id QEMU version 1 machine id 0
UUID: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
claim isn't unique.
release isn't unique.
Welcome to OpenBIOS v1.0 built on Nov 30 2009 15:44
  Type 'help' for detailed information

0 > boot cdrom 
[sparc64] Booting file 'cdrom' with parameters ''
Not a bootable ELF image
Not a Linux kernel image
Not a bootable a.out image
Loading FCode image...
Loaded 7120 bytes
entry point is 0x4000
Evaluating FCode...
Unhandled Exception 0x0000000008000000
PC = 0x00000000ffd10e3c NPC = 0x00000000ffd10e40
Stopping execution

and GDB shows the error at:
(gdb) l *0x00000000ffd10e3c
0xffd10e3c is in cfetch (../include/openbios/stack.h:34).
29	typedef ucell phandle_t;
34	static inline void PUSH(ucell value) {
35		dstack[++dstackcnt] = (value);
36	}
37	static inline void PUSH_xt( xt_t xt ) { PUSH( (ucell)xt ); }
38	static inline void PUSH_ih( ihandle_t ih ) { PUSH( (ucell)ih ); }

Let me know if I can provide any additional output or debugging steps!

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