[OpenBIOS] PPC cross-compiler defaults to 'powerpc-linux-gnu-'prefix

Laurent Vivier Laurent at Vivier.EU
Wed Nov 25 13:03:16 CET 2009

>Hi all,
>While setting up a PPC cross-compiler environment for OpenBIOS, I 
>noticed that the default cross-compiler prefix is set to 
>'powerpc-linux-gnu-' as opposed to 'powerpc-elf-'.
>Is there any particular reason that we need the linux platform version, 
>instead of the elf version which is used by SPARC? The reason I ask is 
>that the Linux platform version is much much harder to compile as you 
>need an extra set of glibc headers and have to bootstrap the gcc build 
>by hand in order to produce the working final compiler.

The only reason is because I use "powerpc-linux-gnu-gcc", but I agree it is much harder to produce. But I produce my cross-compile environment from debian packages, which seems simpler.

Do you know if there is a "powerpc-elf-gdb" ?

>On my tests here everything seems to work fine with just the 
>'powerpc-elf-' prefix as far as I can tell.

If you provide a patch, I agree to apply it.


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