[OpenBIOS] Sparc64 OpenBIOS

Nick Couchman Nick.Couchman at seakr.com
Thu Nov 19 22:41:58 CET 2009

>>> On 2009/11/19 at 14:30, Tarl Neustaedter <Tarl.Neustaedter at Sun.COM> wrote: 
>> Not sure...here are some other bits of output with "(to)":
> O.k. - it appears this debugger simply doesn't show the destination. So 
> we're good there - it was a red herring.
> If we're still getting to "seek" and blowing up, that says that for 
> whatever reason the -H isn't getting parsed correctly. Not sure what to 
> do about that. If you get desperate, you might try to patch out the 
> "do-boot" call at the end of the FCode on the ISO image, so it does the 
> load but doesn't execute the do-boot.
> Don't know what else to suggest.

Not getting desperate, just think it would be very cool to get qemu-system-sparc64 to boot Solaris correctly, and willing to do some work to try to make that happen.  I'll keep poking around and get more familiar with the debuggers, and wait and see if any of the other folks on the list have any suggestions.  Thanks for all your help, Tarl!

Just for kicks I tried to use "-h" (lower-case "h"), instead, and that doesn't parse any better than -H.


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