[OpenBIOS] Sparc64 OpenBIOS

Tarl Neustaedter Tarl.Neustaedter at Sun.COM
Thu Nov 19 22:30:58 CET 2009

> Not sure...here are some other bits of output with "(to)":

O.k. - it appears this debugger simply doesn't show the destination. So 
we're good there - it was a red herring.

If we're still getting to "seek" and blowing up, that says that for 
whatever reason the -H isn't getting parsed correctly. Not sure what to 
do about that. If you get desperate, you might try to patch out the 
"do-boot" call at the end of the FCode on the ISO image, so it does the 
load but doesn't execute the do-boot.

Don't know what else to suggest.

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