[OpenBIOS] Sparc64 OpenBIOS

Nick Couchman Nick.Couchman at seakr.com
Wed Nov 18 20:39:11 CET 2009

>>> On 2009/11/18 at 11:24, Tarl Neustaedter <Tarl.Neustaedter at sun.com> wrote: 
> Nick Couchman wrote:
>> [...]
>> So, for some reason, it cannot step into read-disk for debugging.  If I do 
> "see read-disk":
>> 0 > see read-disk 
>> : read-disk
>>   dup >r 0 swap cif-seek if
>>   " seek failed" die tuck swap r> cif-read <> if
>>     " read failed" die
>>   ;
>>  ok
>> And, all of these seem to be primitive words - e.g. swap, cif-seek, etc., 
> cannot be debugged.  I would guess "cif-seek" is where it's failing, which 
> looks like this:
> These are part of the forth kernel, where it does file handling 
> operations - they eventually end up generating reads to the HBA.
> Where you are in the code itself - line 209 of:
> http://src.opensolaris.org/source/xref/onnv/onnv-gate/usr/src/psm/stand/bootb
> lks/common/util.fth
> So we're doing the first cif-seek, which is the client-interface seek. 
> See section in IEEE 1275. That causes the disk to be read so you 
> can cache disk accesses. The question is whether the arguments we are 
> sending are reasonable. What we saw:
> 00000000ffe318e0: dev-ih  ( 8008000 800 8000 ffe4d358 ) 
> 00000000ffe318e8: read-disk 
> Those arguments we see on the stack are adr, len, off, ihandle. ffe4d358 
> is a reasonable address for an ihandle. 0x8000 is a reasonable byte 
> offset into the disk to read - and that's all that seek takes (the adr, 
> len get used later by the cif-read, which we don't reach). So somehow, 
> trying to byte offset 0x8000 on the disk is failing - don't know why.

Well, I thought maybe I could use a SCSI-based CD-ROM in Qemu and see if it was the HBA emulation code causing the problem, but qemu doesn't seem to want to boot with a SCSI controller:

OpenBIOS for Sparc64
Cannot manage 'SCSI bus controller' PCI device type '<NULL>':
 1000 12 (1 0 0)
Segmentation fault


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