[OpenBIOS] Sparc64 OpenBIOS

Tarl Neustaedter Tarl.Neustaedter at Sun.COM
Sat Nov 14 20:33:20 CET 2009

Nick Couchman wrote:
> I have a pretty old version of the Solaris Nevada code that I tried to boot, and I got a different error: open isn't unique.  I'll post actual output here in a little while.

Hmm. That's interesting. I wonder if we're getting a conflict between 
packages in openbios and what the boot blocks are creating. You might 
find it easier to debug the Solaris Nevada version, depending on just 
how old it is. Among other things, under OpenSolaris you can find the 
code for the boot blocks (which changed drastically from Solaris 10 to 
Nevada), so you aren't quite struggling in the dark.

Also, the Nevada version of the bootblocks responds to the "-H" 
argument, indicating that after loading the filesystem into /packages, 
it returns to the OK prompt rather than immediately trying to do the 
boot itself. That lets you set up breakpoints in the filesystem code 
before executing them.
> I'm pretty new to Qemu and OpenBIOS - what's the best way to go about debugging this?  GDB?  Qemu's built-in debugging?

Probably best to wait for the forth debugger that is being discussed. 
Without breakpoints, you need to basically patch in breakpoints, which 
is doable but time-consuming.

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