[OpenBIOS] "Error 7: Loading below 1MB is not supported"

FORTH g.franzkowiak at forth-ev.de
Wed May 20 15:22:51 CEST 2009

Dear Sirs,

with my openbios tests I find a propblem (look at subject).

I think the cause of this is in "arch/x86/ldscript", but I'm
not shure.

My doing on Debian/Lenny was:

- Error: "undefined reference to `__stack_chk_fail' "
    ==>  obj-x86/Makefile   "CFLAGS+= -fno-stack-protector"

- Stopped on GRUB-Bootloader: 
	"Error 7: Loading below 1MB is not supported"

	mbchk obj-x86/openbios.multiboot

openbios.multiboot: The Multiboot header is found at the offset 184
openbios.multiboot: Page alignment 
openbios.multiboot: Memory information is turned on
openbios.multiboot: Address fields is turned on
==> openbios.multiboot: header_addr is less than load_addr (0x0 > 0x8)

Can you help particularly with regard to the second point ?

Best regards


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