[OpenBIOS] [Qemu-devel] svn 6658 broke powerpc.

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Wed Mar 25 03:30:28 CET 2009

On Sunday 22 March 2009 11:54:22 Blue Swirl wrote:
> >  So the bug was introduced (or at least triggered) by revision 452:
> >
> >   http://tracker.coreboot.org/trac/openbios/changeset/452/openbios-devel
> >
> >  Anything in there look broken to you?
> Fixed in r481. I removed the PCI encode-unit/decode-unit methods for
> non-bus devices, now get-instance-path works.


Is there a procedure to ask how to queue this up for qemu 0.10.2? :)


(By the way: qemu is shipping a gpled bios binary without accompanying source 
code.  I realize that the maintainer of said binary checked it in, but what 
exactly is the rationale here?)

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