[OpenBIOS] [Qemu-devel] svn 6658 broke powerpc.

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Sat Mar 21 19:44:54 CET 2009

On Saturday 21 March 2009 04:32:30 Blue Swirl wrote:
> I accidentally (by using a wrong variable in a more complex patch)
> found out a workaround for the bug, now -nographic boot works. But
> still the other nodes have the same problem as before and the
> workaround removes the "reg" node which is present on real tree.
> Now the escc node doesn't have the address appended:
> 1bfac /pci at 80000000/mac-io at 4/nvram at 0 (nvram)
> 1c1c0 /pci at 80000000/mac-io at 4/escc (escc)
> 1c2ac /pci at 80000000/mac-io at 4/escc/ch-a at 13020 (serial)
> 1c52c /pci at 80000000/mac-io at 4/escc/ch-b at 13000 (serial)
> Maybe nodes under /pci/mac-io should use custom
> encode-unit/decode-unit methods instead of PCI ones?

My workaround at this end is to just revert openbios-ppc to the earlier 

I still think that bisecting to find the specific commit that broke it would 
be informative, but your repository's move to /trunk at commit 470 essentially 
wiped all repository history before that.  Your development page doesn't say 
how to download the old versions, just the ones under "trunk":


Nor does your repository viewer view anything before 470 from the little pull-
down menu:

I guessed how to get the repository viewer to show me the earlier versions:


But this doesn't work:

  $ svn co -r 469 svn://openbios.org/openbios/openbios-devel
  svn: File not found: revision 480, path '/openbios-devel'

Then again, I can always bisect by downloading tarballs from your repository 
viewer...  Eh, why not.

For easy cut and pasting, my build reproduction sequence is:

  chmod +x config/scripts/switch-arch
  config/scripts/switch-arch cross-ppc
  PATH=~/firmware/firmware/build/cross-compiler-powerpc/bin:$PATH \
    make TARGET=powerpc-
  sudo cp obj-ppc/openbios-qemu.elf /usr/local/share/qemu/openbios-ppc

469 exhibits the bug, so it's before that.  I believe 450 is the "known good" 
version, so let's try 460...  Bug.  455... Bug. 452... Bug.  451... Works.

So the bug was introduced (or at least triggered) by revision 452:


Anything in there look broken to you?


P.S.  Please at least put up a link to this on your development page:


Right now earlier versions of your repository are completely inaccessible to 
newbies like me...

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