[OpenBIOS] [sparc64] Problematic pci at 0 and pci nodes in the device tree

Jakub Jermar jakub at jermar.eu
Fri Jan 16 21:27:01 CET 2009


I have the following problem with the OpenBIOS device tree (the current Qemu version):
In the root directory, there are currently two pci nodes:

ffd97778 pci at 0
ffd98808 pci

The "screen" alias is defined as:

When HelenOS attempts to lookup this path, it fails, because it matches /pci instead
of /pci at 0 and /pci does not have any children. HelenOS is normally designed to cope
with ambiguous node names, but in this case the /pci node matches and sends it to the
wrong direction. I think the "screen" alias should be either defined using the
non-ambiguous pci at 0 path components or the /pci node should not exist at all.

Can you confirm this is a problem in the tree?


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