[OpenBIOS] sparc64's get_physical_address_code should not fault on TTE's with V=0

Jakub Jermar jakub at jermar.eu
Wed Jan 14 22:38:05 CET 2009

Jakub Jermar wrote:
> Blue Swirl wrote:
>>>  I.e. it searches property 'screen' in /aliases and doesn't
>>>  find any. If it is not there already, could you please add
>>>  it (together with keyboard) to openbios?
>> Recent OpenBIOS (including the version in Qemu) should have both
>> "screen" and "keyboard" aliases. In /chosen there is "display" (?) and
>> "keyboard".
> That's true, but somehow the following cycle used to detect number
> of node's properties returns 1 even if there are more properties:
>     name[0] = '\0';
>     while (ofw_next_property(current, name, name) == 1)
>         current_node->properties++;

It turns out that one char array is not enough. When I use two
arrays and copy the result from the destination to the source
one, the algorithm works.


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