[OpenBIOS] [PATCH][v2] Really create a tree for PCI devices

Laurent Vivier laurent at lvivier.info
Tue Jan 6 20:52:20 CET 2009

Le 6 janv. 09 à 20:50, Blue Swirl a écrit :

> On 1/6/09, Laurent Vivier <laurent at lvivier.info> wrote:
>> This patch really creates a tree for PCI devices: all PCI devices  
>> are leafs
>> under the last PCI host found.
>> This is not the "perfect" solution, but a step in the good direction.
>> v2: on sparc64, as PCI probing is disabled, move forth pci  
>> definitions
>> removed from common part to sparc64 directories. This part is not  
>> compiled &
>> not tested.
> Sorry, still does not build:
> Dumping final dictionary to 'obj-sparc64/openbios-sparc64.dict'
> Using source dictionary 'obj-sparc64/openbios.dict'
> Compiling dictionary 1/2
> undefined word.
> make[1]: *** [obj-sparc64/openbios-sparc64.dict] Error 1

Did you apply the two patches of the evening ?


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