[OpenBIOS] [PATCH]sparc64: remove static definition of cdrom alias

Laurent Vivier laurent at lvivier.info
Tue Jan 6 20:40:44 CET 2009

Le 6 janv. 09 à 20:37, Blue Swirl a écrit :

> On 1/6/09, Laurent Vivier <laurent at lvivier.info> wrote:
>> remove static definition of cdrom alias
>> and define alias name in config.xml.
> Thanks, but can't we define both 'cd' and 'cdrom' (and 'hd' and
> 'disk') so that both existing boot scripts are happy and users are
> more familiar with consistent user interface? At least I always first
> try 'cdrom' on PPC before remembering that it's 'cd'.

No problem for me: specs uses "cdrom" and powermac OF uses "cd", so I  
think we can define both.
Do you want I modify the patch or you do ?

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