[OpenBIOS] x86 arch broken?

Blue Swirl blauwirbel at gmail.com
Tue Jan 6 17:42:09 CET 2009

On 1/6/09, Stefan Reinauer <stepan at coresystems.de> wrote:
> * Blue Swirl <blauwirbel at gmail.com> [090106 17:03]:
> > It looks like the font changes broke x86.
>  >
>  > Is x86 version (or amd64 or ia64) still useful, there has been no
>  > development recently? I'd think coreboot would be a better choice
>  > these days.
> OpenBIOS on x86 is a bootloader (payload) for coreboot, not a
>  replacement.
>  Not sure how useful it is, but I think completely dropping it is a bad
>  idea.

OK. I'll start tracking x86 and amd64 build status. What about ia64,
should it work?

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