[OpenBIOS] [PATCH][RFC] Define "screen-#columns" and "screen-#rows"

Laurent Vivier laurent at lvivier.info
Mon Jan 5 21:45:46 CET 2009

Le 5 janv. 09 à 21:22, Blue Swirl a écrit :

> On 1/5/09, Laurent Vivier <laurent at lvivier.info> wrote:
>> Define "screen-#columns" and "screen-#rows" in /options
> Thanks, applied as r355.

Just a note about this one: according of1275 reference document these  
two properties should be integer, whereas powermac implementation uses  
strings (though some early ones use integers). I have chosen to copy  
recent powermacs (and my iBook G4 is also like that).

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