[OpenBIOS] Faulty Qemu SPARC64 IDE emulation?

Mark Cave-Ayland mark.cave-ayland at siriusit.co.uk
Tue Dec 15 18:30:44 CET 2009

Igor Kovalenko wrote:

 >>> Right, that's the issue we have at the moment; both qemu and openbios
 >>> are to be changed.
 >>>> 1) Actual memory
 >>>> 2) PCI memory space
 >>>> 3) PCI IO space
 >>>> They are each independent address spaces. Zero in any one of them is
 >>>> independent from zero in all the others.

> Well, sparc64 is a bit unique.
> From what I have seen almost any other openbios platform is either 32bit
> or has no pci devices, also every other platform has pci configuration
> mechanism 1 in place.
> - sparc64 has no configuration mechanism 1 (which has basically a single port
> to implement configuration protocol) but directly maps configuration space.
> So for sparc64 pci is also quite different from the rest, and a few clients know
> about that mapped configuration space.
> - PCI support is there and useful, but a few places has bar address
> mapping hardcoded;
> - getting ucells right on 64bit sparc was *real* fun :) It turns out that linux
> kernel started to rely more on prom tree data so that required ofmem
> supporting allocations and range properties; no other openbios platform
> seem to require implementing ofmem to such extent

Right, so is what you're saying is that at a minimum we'd need to 
implement 2) with a PCI configuration mechanism in place for this to 
stand any chance of working? Would the configuration mechanism simply be 
a set of MMIO addresses?

>> I've never looked at PCI devices in much detail before, however if there is
>> any C coding I can do to help out, please let me know.
> Welcome! But to my mind we need to get qemu part right first, in that we need
> to remap pci address spaces out of low addresses. If you could invent another
> workaround it would be a good start, we need get these 3 address spaces
> right one way or another.

Does that mean you've already started working on the Qemu side of this? 
If so, again let me know if I can help at all. Incidentally if you 
already have ideas for this, it's probably worth floating any proposals 
to the qemu-devel list first before doing any coding, just to make sure 
that they would be happy to accept patches implementing this new 



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