[OpenBIOS] Faulty Qemu SPARC64 IDE emulation?

Mark Cave-Ayland mark.cave-ayland at siriusit.co.uk
Wed Dec 9 22:04:22 CET 2009

Nick Couchman wrote:

> Found IDE debugging in qemu and turned that on...the last couple hundred lines are here: http://openbios.pastebin.com/de428f7c
> -Nick 

For reference, here are the last few lines:

ATAPI limit=0xf800 packet: 28 00 00 01 22 f6 00 00 1f 00 00 00
read pio: LBA=74486 nb_sectors=31
reply: tx_size=63488 elem_tx_size=0 index=2048
ide: read status addr=0x682 val=58
ide: read status addr=0x682 val=58
ide: read status addr=0x682 val=58
ide: read status addr=0x682 val=58
ide: read status addr=0x682 val=58
ide: read status addr=0x682 val=58
ide: read status addr=0x682 val=58
ide: read status addr=0x682 val=58
ide: read addr=0x607 val=58
ide: read addr=0x602 val=02
ide: read addr=0x604 val=00
ide: read addr=0x605 val=f8
reply: tx_size=61440 elem_tx_size=61440 index=2048
reply: tx_size=59392 elem_tx_size=59392 index=2048
reply: tx_size=57344 elem_tx_size=57344 index=2048
reply: tx_size=55296 elem_tx_size=55296 index=2048
reply: tx_size=53248 elem_tx_size=53248 index=2048
reply: tx_size=51200 elem_tx_size=51200 index=2048
reply: tx_size=49152 elem_tx_size=49152 index=2048
reply: tx_size=47104 elem_tx_size=47104 index=2048
reply: tx_size=45056 elem_tx_size=45056 index=2048
reply: tx_size=43008 elem_tx_size=43008 index=2048
reply: tx_size=40960 elem_tx_size=40960 index=2048
reply: tx_size=38912 elem_tx_size=38912 index=2048
reply: tx_size=36864 elem_tx_size=36864 index=2048
reply: tx_size=34816 elem_tx_size=34816 index=2048
reply: tx_size=32768 elem_tx_size=32768 index=2048
reply: tx_size=30720 elem_tx_size=30720 index=2048
reply: tx_size=28672 elem_tx_size=28672 index=2048
reply: tx_size=26624 elem_tx_size=26624 index=2048
reply: tx_size=24576 elem_tx_size=24576 index=2048
reply: tx_size=22528 elem_tx_size=22528 index=2048
reply: tx_size=20480 elem_tx_size=20480 index=2048
reply: tx_size=18432 elem_tx_size=18432 index=2048
reply: tx_size=16384 elem_tx_size=16384 index=2048
sIDE: write addr=0x502 val=0x9a
IDE: write addr=0x503 val=0xa9
IDE: write addr=0x504 val=0x06
IDE: write addr=0x505 val=0xed
IDE: write addr=0x506 val=0x14
IDE: write addr=0x507 val=0xcd
ide: CMD=cd
ide: write control addr=0x582 val=97
IDE: write addr=0x602 val=0xba
IDE: write addr=0x603 val=0xae
IDE: write addr=0x604 val=0xce
IDE: write addr=0x605 val=0xb6
IDE: write addr=0x606 val=0x58
IDE: write addr=0x607 val=0x57
ide: CMD=57
ide: write control addr=0x682 val=70
bmdma_cmd_writeb: 0x00000054
bmdma: writeb 0x701 : 0xd7
bmdma: writeb 0x702 : 0x79
bmdma: writeb 0x703 : 0xfe
bmdma_addr_writew: 0x0000ddef
bmdma_addr_writew: 0x0000b12b
bmdma_cmd_writeb: 0x000000da
bmdma: writeb 0x709 : 0x95

That's interesting. From the whole output you posted in the pastebin, it 
looks as if the IDE control register is located at 0x682 and various 
bits of data are written between 0x600 and 0x607.

However, then something does terribly wrong mid-request and the write 
addresses change to 0x500-0x507 with a control register at 0x582, then 
0x600-0x607 with a control register at 0x582 and then 0x700-0x707 with a 
  control register of 0x682 again.

I'm current leaning towards this being a bug in Qemu...



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