[OpenBIOS] Milax and the alarm word

Tarl Neustaedter Tarl.Neustaedter at Sun.COM
Wed Dec 9 14:53:34 CET 2009

Nick Couchman wrote:
>> [...]
>> ok dev /chosen
>> ok " -H" encode-string " bootargs" property
>> ok boot <stuff>
> Aha!  Worked great!  Now I can do debug do-boot.  However, once I've created this and set up the debugging, how do I clear it out so that it doesn't halt the do-boot process?

Just clobber the bootargs property and the halt? flag:

ok dev /chosen
ok " bootargs" delete-property
ok 0 0 " bootargs" property
ok false to halt?
ok do-boot

You might want to define the above in nvramrc inside a method, because 
you'll be doing it a lot :-)
Something like having nvramrc contain:

                        : fixup
                        " /chosen" find-device
                        " bootargs" delete-property
                        0 0 " bootargs" property       
                        " false to halt?" eval ;

That last is inside an "eval" string because halt? won't be defined at 
nvramrc time.

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