[OpenBIOS] Open-Bios on a compaq R4000?

Spencer Hall bitronic at gmail.com
Mon Oct 27 12:18:12 CET 2008

I have a compaq R4125CA with an AMD 3800+ CPU on socket 939.  I would
like to put in an AMD 4000 X2, but unfortuantely there is no bios
support to activate the second core.  I have read of other people
putting a dual core processor in this same model and having it operate
with just one core. Does anyone know what the possability of getting
open-bios running on this system would be and activating the second
core that way? Also, would it be possible to write a hook or patch the
existing compaq bios to activate the second core?  Maybe some code
executed pre OS boot, like in the boot loader?  I'm not sure how
involved it would be to activate the second core, if tables must be
set or just registers set, etc?  I've been toying with this notion for
awhile and have recieved some discouraging comments of the laptops
ability to handle the heat dissipation, but I think it can handle it
witha  few updates to the thermal module and some high quality thermal
paste.  I'm not too concerned about battery life.

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