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Sat Jul 12 01:21:44 CEST 2008

Author: stepan
Date: 2008-07-12 01:21:43 +0200 (Sat, 12 Jul 2008)
New Revision: 197

some documentation fixes in the fcode suite documentation

Modified: fcode-utils/documentation/localvalues.html
--- fcode-utils/documentation/localvalues.html	2008-07-08 16:02:43 UTC (rev 196)
+++ fcode-utils/documentation/localvalues.html	2008-07-11 23:21:43 UTC (rev 197)
@@ -185,7 +185,7 @@
 body of the word is not recommended, but is permitted.  A Local
 Declaration that occurs inside a Flow-Control Structure will be
-reported as an <a href="TokenizerNewFeatures.htm#An_ERROR">Error</a>.<br>
+reported as an <a href="toke.html#An_ERROR">Error</a>.<br>
 <p>A Local Values Declaration may include comments and may continue
@@ -225,18 +225,18 @@
 <p>The User may suppress this
 message by means of a <a
- href="TokenizerNewFeatures.htm#Command-Line_options_">Command-line
+ href="toke.html#Command-Line_options_">Command-line
 switch</a>, known as the
-<a href="TokenizerNewFeatures.htm#Special_Feature_Flags">Special-Feature
-Flag</a> named <a href="TokenizerNewFeatures.htm#SF_Flag_LV_Leg_Mssg"><span
+<a href="toke.html#Special_Feature_Flags">Special-Feature
+Flag</a> named <a href="toke.html#SF_Flag_LV_Leg_Mssg"><span
  style="font-family: courier new,courier,monospace; font-weight: bold;">NoLV-Legacy-Message</span></a>
-, which is described in the <a href="TokenizerNewFeatures.htm">Tokenizer
+, which is described in the <a href="toke.html">Tokenizer
 User's Guide</a>.</p>
 <p><a name="Disallow_Legacy"></a>Conversely, the User who wishes to
 disallow the use of Semicolon as
 an alternative separator may do so by means of the
 Special-Feature Flag named <a
- href="TokenizerNewFeatures.htm#SF_Flag_LV_Leg_Sep"><span
+ href="toke.html#SF_Flag_LV_Leg_Sep"><span
  style="font-family: courier new,courier,monospace; font-weight: bold;">NoLV-Legacy-Separator</span></a>
 .&nbsp; When the Legacy Local Values
 Separator is thus disallowed, occurrences will be treated as an
@@ -757,9 +757,9 @@
  style="font-family: courier new,courier,monospace; font-weight: bold;">instance</span>
-The <a href="TokenizerNewFeatures.htm#INSTANCE_at_run_time">consequence</a>
+The <a href="toke.html#INSTANCE_at_run_time">consequence</a>
 of this is that, in device-drivers that are configured
-with <a href="TokenizerNewFeatures.htm#Multiple_device_nodes">multiple
+with <a href="toke.html#Multiple_device_nodes">multiple
 device-nodes</a>, the Local Values Support Functions file
 must be re-<span style="font-family: courier new;">fload</span>ed for
 each device-node that uses Local Values.&nbsp; That is to say, every
@@ -770,18 +770,18 @@
 Functions file must be <span style="font-family: courier new;">fload</span>ed
 <p>The Tokenizer is sophisticated enough to keep a <a
- href="TokenizerNewFeatures.htm#device-node_vocabularies">separate
+ href="toke.html#device-node_vocabularies">separate
 for each device-node</a>, and will flag an <a href="#Error_handling">Error</a>
 if Local Values are used in a device-node for which the Local Values
 Support Functions file has not been <span
  style="font-family: courier new;">fload</span>ed. </p>
 <p>However, should the user so choose, a <a
- href="TokenizerNewFeatures.htm#Example_4">means</a> is available
+ href="toke.html#Example_4">means</a> is available
 whereby a single <span style="font-family: courier new;">fload</span>ing
 of the Local Values
 Support Functions can become <a
- href="TokenizerNewFeatures.htm#Global_Definitions">accessible to all
+ href="toke.html#Global_Definitions">accessible to all
 Device Nodes</a> in a driver, trading off economy of System-memory
 for convenience of programming. </p>
 <h4><a class="mozTocH4" name="mozTocId684194"></a><a
@@ -833,7 +833,7 @@
 the scope of that FCode program, and the question of synchronizing
 Local Values will be rendered irrelevant.
-<p>An <a href="TokenizerNewFeatures.htm#The_OVERLOAD_Directive">overloaded</a>
+<p>An <a href="toke.html#The_OVERLOAD_Directive">overloaded</a>
 <b><i>catch</i></b> in the Local Values Support
 Functions file does the job.<br>

Modified: fcode-utils/documentation/toke.html
--- fcode-utils/documentation/toke.html	2008-07-08 16:02:43 UTC (rev 196)
+++ fcode-utils/documentation/toke.html	2008-07-11 23:21:43 UTC (rev 197)
@@ -347,7 +347,7 @@
   <li>A complete list of FATAL conditions.<br>
-  <li>Support for <a href="TokenizerLocalValues.htm">IBM-Style Local
+  <li>Support for <a href="localvalues.html">IBM-Style Local
 Values</a>. That is the subject of a
 separate writeup.</li>
@@ -416,8 +416,8 @@
 generated into the Binary Output.&nbsp; If a PCI Header is in effect,
 the position relative to the end of that PCI Header will also be shown;
 this is to maintain consistency with the <a
- href="DeTokenizer.htm#with_offsets">"offsets</a>" displayed be the <a
- href="DeTokenizer.htm">DeTokenizer</a><br>
+ href="detok.html#with_offsets">"offsets</a>" displayed by the <a
+ href="detok.html">DeTokenizer</a><br>
 <p><a name="Errors_Ignored"></a>
 The Tokenizer typically runs through to completion of the source file,
@@ -786,7 +786,7 @@
 <p style="margin-left: 120px;">Support IBM-style <a
- href="TokenizerLocalValues.htm">Local Values</a> ("LV"s).&nbsp;
+ href="localvalues.html">Local Values</a> ("LV"s).&nbsp;
 Initially disabled.
@@ -797,8 +797,8 @@
 <p style="margin-left: 120px;">Allow Semicolon for Local Values
- href="TokenizerLocalValues.htm#Separation_Character_between_Initialized">Separator</a>
-("<a href="TokenizerLocalValues.htm#Disallow_Legacy">Legacy</a>").
+ href="localvalues.html#Separation_Character_between_Initialized">Separator</a>
+("<a href="localvalues.html#Disallow_Legacy">Legacy</a>").
@@ -807,7 +807,7 @@
 <p style="margin-left: 120px;">Display a <a
- href="TokenizerLocalValues.htm#Legacy_Separator">Warning
+ href="localvalues.html#Legacy_Separator">Warning
 Message</a> when
 is used as the Local Values Separator.
@@ -3462,7 +3462,7 @@
 Support File can be incorporated at a <a href="#Global_Definitions">Global</a>
 level.&nbsp; Normally, <a href="#Multiple_device_nodes">that would be
 problematical</a> because
-the <a href="TokenizerLocalValues.htm#Instance_Data_in_L_V_Support">Local
+the <a href="localvalues.html#Instance_Data_in_L_V_Support">Local
 Support functions</a> are written to use <span
  style="font-family: courier new,courier,monospace; font-weight: bold;">instance</span>

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