[OpenBIOS] Openfirmware build failure

Paul McEnery pmcenery at gmail.com
Sun Feb 3 21:14:58 CET 2008

I have just checked out r810 from subversion following these instructions:


On performing a `make' for openbios, I get the following issue:

paulm at desktop:~/openfirmware/cpu/x86/pc/biosload/build$ make
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/paulm/tmp/qemu/openfirmware/cpu/x86/Linux'
cc -c -O -g -m32 -DTARGET_X86 ../../../forth/wrapper/wrapper.c -o wrapper.o
cc -c -O -g -m32 -DTARGET_X86 ../../../forth/wrapper/logger.c -o logger.o
cc -c -O -g -m32 -DTARGET_X86 -I../../../forth/wrapper/zip
../../../forth/wrapper/zip/zipmem.c -o zipmem.o
cc -c -O -g -m32 -DTARGET_X86 -I../../../forth/wrapper/zip
../../../forth/wrapper/zip/deflate.c -o deflate.o
cc -c -O -g -m32 -DTARGET_X86 -I../../../forth/wrapper/zip
../../../forth/wrapper/zip/trees.c -o trees.o
cc -c -O -g -m32 -DTARGET_X86 -I../../../forth/wrapper/zip
../../../forth/wrapper/zip/bits.c -o bits.o
cc -c -O -g -m32 -DTARGET_X86 -I../../../forth/wrapper/zip
../../../forth/wrapper/zip/util.c -o util.o
cc -c -m32 -O0 -fpic ../../../forth/wrapper/zip/inflate.c -o inflate.o
cc -m32 -o forth wrapper.o logger.o zipmem.o deflate.o trees.o bits.o
util.o inflate.o
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/paulm/tmp/qemu/openfirmware/cpu/x86/Linux'
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/paulm/tmp/qemu/openfirmware/cpu/x86/build'
make -C ../Linux ../build/inflate.bin
make[2]: Entering directory `/home/paulm/tmp/qemu/openfirmware/cpu/x86/Linux'
objcopy -O binary inflate.o ../build/inflate.bin
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/paulm/tmp/qemu/openfirmware/cpu/x86/Linux'
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/paulm/tmp/qemu/openfirmware/cpu/x86/build'
./build ofw.c32
--- Rebuilding reset.di
--- Cmd: ${HOSTDIR}/forth ${HOSTDIR}/../build/builder.dic ../reset.bth
--- Rebuilding start.di
--- Cmd: ${HOSTDIR}/forth ${HOSTDIR}/../build/builder.dic ../start.bth
--- Rebuilding kernel.dic
--- Cmd: ${HOSTDIR}/forth ${HOSTDIR}/../build/builder.dic ../kernel.bth
--- Saving kernel.dic ---
--- Rebuilding tools.dic
--- Cmd: ${HOSTDIR}/x86forth ${BP}/cpu/x86/build/kernel.dic ../tools.bth
--- Saving tools.dic ---
--- Rebuilding basefw.dic
--- Cmd: ${HOSTDIR}/x86forth ${BP}/cpu/x86/build/tools.dic ../basefw.bth

--- Saving basefw.dic ---
--- Rebuilding bootsec.hex
--- Cmd: ${HOSTDIR}/forth ${HOSTDIR}/../build/builder.dic ../bootsec.bth
1fe 1f0
400 400
--- Rebuilding fw.img
--- Cmd: ${HOSTDIR}/x86forth ${BP}/cpu/x86/build/basefw.dic ../fw.bth

${BP}/cpu/x86/pc/biosload/rmenter.fth:209: pm-cs ?
make: *** [ofw.c32] Error 1

I am building on Ubuntu 7.10. If someone could point me in the right
direction, it would be much appreciated.


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