[OpenBIOS] First OOPS

Laurent Vivier laurent at lvivier.info
Mon Dec 22 13:34:26 CET 2008

Le 22 déc. 08 à 12:20, Blue Swirl a écrit :

> On 12/22/08, Laurent Vivier <laurent at lvivier.info> wrote:
>> On an install CD there is a forth script which start yaboot with good
>> parameters but currently OpenBIOS is not able to decode this script  
>> (inside
>> XML tags).
> Did OHW ever handle this?

It does, but it is a hack: it computes the checksum of the script to  
identify it, and according the checksum the things to do are hardcoded  
into OHW.

You have a big "switch()" and a "case" for each known script (for  
instance "debian etch install CD", "debian sarge install CD", etc).

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