[OpenBIOS] install/boot question

gpguard-openbios at yahoo.com gpguard-openbios at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 20 02:00:11 CEST 2007

Hey folks,

I wanted to create a VMware image that would boot into OpenBios, and simply present the user with
a Forth command line.  Is this feasible.  In fact, taking the question up a level, how would you
"install" OpenBIOS on any x86 machine?

I have done Linux installs where you go through this process of formatting the disks, setting a
swap, then placing a bootloader on the boot partition.

I would assume that some sort of openbios "machine code" needs to be installed to the boot sector
of the x86 machine in order for it to work.  Is this correct, or am I missing something.

Thanks for your help, as you can probably tell I am new to the list, and still trying to wrap my
head around the OpenBIOS concepts.


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