[OpenBIOS] Filo problems booting El Torito (LiveCD) CD-ROMS?

Stefan Reinauer stefan.reinauer at coresystems.de
Wed Jan 31 09:35:11 CET 2007

roger wrote:

>>> Or would coding Filo to include "floppy disk emulation" in the works?
>> Floppy disk emulation (aka El Torito) should work fine already?
> I thought only "(hard) disk emulation" was supported by Filo and not
> "floppy disk emulation"?

I don't know about hard disk emulation, but booting from the el torito
floppy images placed on cdroms works fine.

FILO does not parse any syslinux.cfg or similar though.

Takeshi Sone wrote:

> "hdb" refers to the entire CD-ROM.
> "hdb1" refers to the "boot disk image" in the CD-ROM.
> "Boot disk image" is something like 1.44MB floppy disk image, as
> specified in El Torito.
> However, recent distributions don't use the disk image. They use 
> the entire CD-ROM instead, thanks to isolinux.
> So you can use "hdb" to boot them.

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