[OpenBIOS] RAM codes.

Feng, Libo Libo.Feng at amd.com
Wed Jan 17 06:38:26 CET 2007

I am studying the LinuxBios project. I have a question about the RAM code: from Makefile, it seems that LinuxBios could load codes from FLASH to RAM twice, first for linuxbios_ram, second for so-called payload. My understanding is correct or not. However, also from Makefile, it seems that linuxbios is dependent on LINUXBIOS_RAM_ROM, but doesn't include it. The below is abstracted from a Makefile:

linuxbios: crt0.o $(INIT-OBJECTS) $(LINUXBIOS_APC) $(LINUXBIOS_RAM_ROM) ldscript.ld
	$(CC) -nostdlib -nostartfiles -static -o $@ -T ldscript.ld crt0.o $(INIT-OBJECTS)
	$(CROSS_COMPILE)nm -n linuxbios | sort > linuxbios.map.
So, there is no action on LINUXBIOS_RAM_ROM. Does it mean linuxbios_ram is not very important. Even without it, the system is also ok?

Feng Libo
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