[OpenBIOS] Dictionary size limit per device instance

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I am looking into the possibility of contacting certain important people
to convince them about revising the IEEE-1275 std. If none of them are
interested, then I'll look into the possiblity of the openbios.info
getting enough control of IEEE-1275 to revive it and start applying
revisions (which would be subject to reviews).


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> It's the FCode-Number limit, ie. 0x0fff.
> For details please look at:
> OpenFirmware IEEE-1275 (1994) spec. section 2.3.43.
> If I got this right, I am allowed to define/declare only 0x0fff number

> of constants and/or functions, variables, defers etc. for which the 
> tokenizer assigns a FCode-Number in the final tokenized FCode image.

Some Open Firmware implementations have a special FCode x'f4 which
allows FCode#s up to x'ffff; x'f4 followed by "high" byte, "low" byte.


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