[OpenBIOS] Overriding default config with nvram?

dlpaktor at netscape.net dlpaktor at netscape.net
Mon Apr 30 01:53:55 CEST 2007

blauwirbel at gmail.com wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm adding support for nvram variables to Qemu (see attached patches), 
> like:
> qemu-system-sparc -prom-env "boot-device=zorg"
> But this only works if the variable does not have any default value in
> nvram.fs. I'd like to change this so that the nvram values override
> defaults, but how?
Just an idea, off the top of my head, without having gone too deeply 
into the matter.

Have a run-time file in which Qemu keeps its current NVRAM contents.  
Make the
name of the file a variable, with a default if not specified.  If the 
file does not exist, it
gets created with its variables' initial values set to their default 
settings.  It is, in effect,
Qemu's virtual emulation of NVRAM; it gets updated in the course of the 
run as values get changed, and remains available for subsequent runs.

qemu-system-<ARCH> -env-emu nvfile=mynvram.xxx

I expect that this will give greater continuity, flexibility and access 
than specifying
individual variables' values from the command-line, and will obviate any 
need to
keep track of changes across the course of a series of runs.

(Please note that I'm "out of the game" at present, but still available 
for an occasional
shout-out "from the stands".  Hello to all my friends and acquaintances!)


David L. Paktor     DLPaktor at netscape.net

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